Wind measurement expertise in Finland and abroad

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Kapasystems Ky offers wind measurement expertise in Finland, Sweden, other Nordic countries and worldwide. We can provide you with high quality wind masts to own or rent - tailored to your needs.


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Wind measurement for wind farm designers

We manufacture, sell, rent and install wind masts that already serve the needs of numerous wind farm designers around the world. Over the decades we have worked mainly in Sweden, but increasingly wind farms are also being designed in countries such as Finland.


Our wind masts are unique: they are lightweight, weather and wind resistant telescopic masts that are easy to erect on any site. The masts are made of aluminium.

See also our amateur radio masts

We are also known for our amateur radio masts, which we have erected all over the world. We built our first mast back in 1967 and since then we have become one of the leading brands in the industry.


Read more about our amateur radio masts and contact us for more information!

Amateur radio masts

Wind energy for commercial use

Free and emission-free energy from the wind. Wind farms have grown in popularity over the years.


Before setting up a wind farm, it is a good idea to find out from which direction and how much wind will come from the site. We bring suitable masts to the site to capture the wind data.


The masts are often tall, up to 100 metres, and usually collect data for about a year. This gives an overall picture of the winds throughout the year.


We have been looking for favourable locations for wind farms, particularly in Sweden and coastal Finland. As wind turbine technology develops, wind farms may also be built inland in the future.


We will help you to identify the conditions for setting up a wind farm. Contact us to find out more!


Innovations in energy production

Our company helps to make energy and electricity production more emission-free. We offer solutions not only for wind power but also for solar energy. We design, manufacture and install fixed and reversible solar panel systems for a wide range of applications, including private individuals. Read more about solar panels and request a quote!

Solar energy