Customized torsion motors for solar panels and radio masts


Kapasystems designs and implements torsion motors for solar panels and radio antenna masts. We always customize the motors according to the product. We serve Finland, the Nordic countries and around the world.


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Powerful torsion motors

Powerful torsion motorsWe design, manufacture and install rugged solar energy solutions and large radio antenna masts. They work even more efficiently when you add a torsion motor. We also manufacture torsion motors for our solar panels and masts, the result of long product development. We always tailor the motor to the product in question.

Torsion motors for solar panels

The torsion motor for solar panels helps to orient the system always towards the sun. By turning the motor, you can increase the amount of energy produced by your solar panels, especially in the morning and afternoon.


The energy yield of a tilting panel is up to half that of a fixed panel. Many of our customers are able to produce more energy than they need with reversible solar panels, but the surplus energy can often be sold to the local electricity company.


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Torsion motors for masts

With the help of a radio antenna mast slewing motor, the entire mast or part of its antennas can be oriented in the desired direction.


For example, amateur radio antennas often still have an antenna torsion motor, which can be used to rotate the antenna towards the signals.

Product development to meet customer needs

Our company has been in business for decades. We specialise in amateur radio masts, wind measurement masts and solar panel systems. We are constantly investing in product development and constantly bringing new innovative solutions to our customers.


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