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Kapasystems designs and manufactures high quality amateur radio masts for various applications in Finland, the Nordic countries and abroad. We serve with decades of experience and comprehensive knowledge of amateur radio engineering.


We are happy to tell you more about our projects around the world and help you find the mast that best suits your needs.

Kapasystems - a world-renowned brand

Kapasystems is a brand that is known around the world. With decades of experience, we design, manufacture and install the masts that amateur radio engineers need. We built our first mast back in 1967.


In Finland, amateur radio engineering is subject to licensing. A radio licence from Traficom is required for the possession and use of transmitter equipment belonging to an amateur radio station. To apply for a licence, you need a certificate of competence as an amateur radio operator. Transmitters are allowed to operate on certain frequencies allocated for amateur radio communications. The call sign of the station is defined in the radio licence. You can read more about this on the Traficom website. We will be happy to help you with any questions you may have about masts.

Traficom website


Amateur radio masts and LA masts:

  • 2 m LFA VHF antenna 19 elem 14 m pole
  • 4 m LFA antennas
  • 6 m LFA antennas
  • 10 m LFA antennas

The antennas are manufactured by Kapasystems. Each one is individually measured and adjusted. The masts are designed to withstand even the most challenging conditions.

Aluminium profiles and tubes are available in a wide range.


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We also sell torsion motors

We also supply torsion motors for amateur radio masts. With the help of a torsion motor, the mast or part of its antennas can be turned in the desired direction.


We deliver our products to Finland, the Nordic countries and other countries abroad. Read more about torsion motors and contact us!

Torsion motors

Masts also for wind measurement

In addition to radio masts, we also manufacture masts for wind energy needs. When planning a wind turbine, it is important to measure how much and from which direction the wind blows in the area. The measurement results provide important information for the turbine designers.


We have been involved in wind measurement projects, particularly in Sweden. Our masts have also been used in several places, for example in Finland. In Finland, wind turbines have been installed mainly in coastal areas, but as technology develops, sites can also be found inland.


Find out more about wind measurement and ask for more information!

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