Solar panels for demanding conditions

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Kapasystems offers innovative solutions for the deployment of solar energy. We design and implement fixed and pivoting solar panels for challenging applications in Finland, the Nordic countries and worldwide. We can also provide you with customised torsion motors for pivoting models.

Harness the free energy of the sun

The capture and real-time use of solar energy is constantly growing. Our company is designing and building solutions to support new solar energy innovations around the world. We also offer our solutions for seemingly challenging applications.


With our solar panels, you capture the free energy of the sun. Solar energy is also an ecological source of energy and helps us move towards a world with fewer emissions. Solar panels provide heat for your property, and solar energy can also be used for everything else that runs on electricity, such as lighting. Surplus energy can often be sold to electricity companies.

Motors for reversible models

We design and manufacture reversible motors for reversible solar panel systems. We will always tailor a solution to suit the system you have ordered.


With a torsion motor, the solar panels rotate according to the position of the sun and the amount of energy produced by the panels increases.


Read more about torsion motors and contact us to design a solution that suits your needs!

Read more about torsion motors

Fixed and pivoting solar panels

We implement both fixed and reversible solar panel systems. Several different options are available for both types of panels.


Fixed panels point in a single, predetermined direction. Their energy yield depends primarily on the orientation and the environment.


Kapasystems Ky has also developed a solar tracking collection suitable for northern conditions. Solar tracking panel systems produce up to half the energy of fixed systems of the same output.


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Our company serves customers from Konnevesi. You can arrange an on-site visit with us, where we can show you the rotating solar panels we have installed in the surrounding area.


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