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Kapasystems Ky is an innovative solutions company. We have been supplying wind masts for wind farm design for decades. Over the years, our activities have also expanded to the design and manufacture of innovative fixed and pivoting solar panel assemblies. We are also known worldwide for our amateur radio masts.


From Konnevesi, we serve all over Finland, the other Nordic countries and throughout the world.

Kapasystems Ky - expertise for domestic and foreign markets

Kapasystems Ky has been operating since 1967. It all started with an interest in amateur radio masts and antennas, and our company's name has become well-known in contexts where radio masts are mentioned. Over the years we have expanded into new products such as wind masts and solar panels, but everything we do is still based on the original idea of strong product development, flexibility and quality.


We have served a wide range of customers from individuals to businesses and the public sector in Finland, the Nordic countries and the rest of the world. For example, we have supplied some 30 masts to the Finnish Ministry of Foreign Affairs and its embassies.

Innovative solutions

Kapasystems is a world-renowned specialist and pioneer in the field of amateur radio masts, having supplied masts to customers for decades. In addition to radio masts, our product range has long included unique wind measuring masts, which we have supplied especially to Sweden and recently increasingly to Finland. Wind masts help in the planning of wind farms.


In recent years we have specialised in solar panels. We design and manufacture high quality fixed and reversible solar panel assemblies. Our innovative solutions help capture the sun's free energy and are suitable for challenging sites.


In addition, we can provide you with inverter motors for both radio masts and pivoting solar panels. We design and manufacture the motors ourselves, taking into account the specific characteristics of our products and the customer's needs.


Please get in touch and we will be happy to tell you more about our products.

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Turnkey service

We offer our customers a complete turnkey service, which means that we do everything from survey and design to manufacture and installation. Radio antenna masts, solar panels and inverter motors are sold by us, but wind masts can also be rented for the customer's use for the required period of time, in addition to being sold. 


Our service covers the entire life cycle of all our products: if necessary, we can also provide maintenance if the need arises. Often our products require little maintenance.


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Our company strengths

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Long history

Our company has been serving a wide range of customers for decades.

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A respected player in the sector

We are a respected player in the industry, with quality and service you can rely on.

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Unique products

We manufacture unique products that are always tailored to your needs.

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Our company serves from Konnevesi in Finland and abroad. You can reach us by phone, e-mail or by leaving your contact details on the contact form.


If you wish, you can arrange a visit to our office in Konnevesi. We can take you to see the rotating solar panels we have installed in the surrounding area.